Staff Positions


Descriptions of Positions

  • Supervisor: Supervisors oversee different areas of camp and staff including program areas and bunks. Supervisors motivate staff develop effective, age-appropriate and creative programming. All supervisors must be aged 21 or over.
  • Program Instructors: Program Instructors develop innovative activities in conjunction with the CPLV Program Curricula. Activities are age-appropriate and teach both new tangible skills as well as life-long values including teamwork, creativity, individual identity and confidence. Program staff plan Bunk Rotations that build bunk communities and Chuggim, elective periods that campers attend week-long specialized programs and improve their skills in an area of their choosing. Learn more about CPLV Activities here! Program Instructors must be aged 18 years or over of have completed the CPLV Leaders-in-Training program.
  • General Counselors: General Counselors are charged with developing bunk communities and creating lasting friendships. By attending Bunk Rotations with their campers and developing creative afternoon activities and chuggim, General Counselors create the bonds that make CPLV a second home for both campers and staff. Each bunk includes between 1 and 3 General Counselors depending on the age group. General Counselors must be aged 18 years or over of have completed the CPLV Leaders-in-Training program.

 Staff Positions at Camp Poyntelle Lewis Village

Supervisory Staff

  • Boys Division Head
  • Girls Division Head
  • Head Counselor
  • Ropes Director
  • Waterfront Director
  • Waterfront Head
  • Art Director
  • Sports Director
  • Program Director
  • Director of Marketing and Recruitment
  • Leaders-in-Training Program Advisor

Waterfront Program Staff

  • Swim Instructor
  • Kayak Instructor
  • Canoeing Instructor
  • Lifeguard
  • Motor Boat Driver

Outdoors Adventure Program Staff

  • Ropes Specialist
  • Nature Specialist
  • Archery Instructor
  • Science Instructor

Sports Program Staff

  • Soccer Instructor
  • Baseball Instructor
  • Softball Instructor
  • Tennis Instructor
  • Lacrosse Instructor
  • Basketball Instructor
  • Tae Kwon Doe Instructor
  • Hockey Instructor

Theatre and Fine Arts Program Staff

  • Theater Instructor – Provided by Mainstages
  • Dance Instructor
  • Arts Assistant
  • Cooking Instructor
  • Photographer
  • Music Instructor
  • Video Specialist
  • Newspaper Editor


  • Kitchen Support Staff

CPLV, my home, my first love. It’s so hard to truly express how I feel about this place, because words can’t even describe how much I truly love camp. CPLV has shaped me into the person I am today. Camp gave me the confidence I need to succeed in the real world, and has shown me what it’s like to be independent. Whenever I talk about my experiences at CPLV, it brings tears to my eyes. I get very emotional because of how passionate I am about my job, the staff and especially the campers. I first started out as a camper in Lewis Village, not knowing anyone, and now 15 years later, I still fall in love with the camp summer after summer. I have met the greatest people spending my summers at CPLV, and I know they will be in my life forever. When I see the same campers and counselors return every summer, it makes me so happy, because I know they love camp as much as I do. I would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to be a camper, and staff member at CPLV, because this place will change your life forever.  – Brooke, Staff